Earth Echoes

Inspired By Nature

Large Gift Bag


This large gift bag includes all of the items listed in the medium gift bag plus 8 ounces of our premium bath crystals in your choice of scent and color, 4 ounces of our versitile Liquid Soap, which can be used as a shampoo, body wash, dish soap, hand soap or laundry soap and our super moisturizing Lip Balm in Wintermint flavor.

This small gift bag contains a 4 ounce round bar of our All Natural Hand Crafted Glycerin Soap in your choice of color and scent, a 4 ounce jar of our Hand Scrub, again in your choice of color and scent and a 2 ounce snap top container of our Luxurious Body Butter. This comes in the natural scent and color from the beeswax that is mixed with shea butter and our proprietary vegetable oil blend. This contains oils such as grape seed, avocado and sunflower, among others. The spa items are packaged in a decorative gift bag appropriate to the season.

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